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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Is it worth the trip to Edmonton for #IPAC2014?

Three things to know about #IPAC2014:

1.  This is not your typical bureaucratic or academic conference.  This is a pracademic event designed to engage everyone -- participants and thought leaders -- in real-world discussions about transforming public service and generating positive solutions for our citizens.  You won't find any bores on the floor or sages on the stages at #IPAC2014.  In fact, you won't find many "stages".  Our sessions are built around you.   Depending on the topic and facilitators, forums may involve a variety of different formats, including fishbowls, fireside chats, talk shows, world cafés, Pecha Kucha, and others. Many will be held in public venues to encourage community involvement and attendance.  And we've invited only the most dynamic and thought-provoking catalytic speakers  to lead this discussion -- including a keynote address from Craig Kielburger

2.  This is the largest gathering of public servants, academics, and students in Canada.  We're aiming for over 800 attendees at this year's event, drawing from every province and territory, all sectors of the public sphere, and all academic disciplines.  Edmonton will be the place to be in 2014, when it comes to discussing the top issues confronting public servants in Canada.    

3.  This is the first time in three decades the IPAC Conference has been held in Edmonton.  And do we have a party planned for you!  

Three myths about #IPAC2014:

Myth #1:  No one wants to go to Edmonton in June.  It's cold, dreary and boring.  

The reality:  You haven't seen our city at its best!  #IPAC2014 is being held in downtown Edmonton, in a world-class conference centre just steps from top-rated conference-sponsored hotels, Western Canada's most beautiful river valley, and the country's best nightlife.  In fact, we're so convinced you'll love the city, #IPAC2014 organizers are taking the conference to the streets, hosting sessions throughout the Edmonton region.  (We're even taking folks north, to tour the oilsands in Fort McMurray).  And the average temperature for early-June is 20'C - patio weather!  In fact, you may want to book a few extra days to check out all that Edmonton has to offer.  Bring the whole family -- the kids will love Galaxyland and the Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall.

Myth #2:  Edmonton's too far away and it's far too expensive.

The reality:  Flights to Edmonton are more than affordable (just over $500 round-trip from Toronto), and quick connections through Calgary make it a snap to schedule your travel.  Conference registration rates are well worth the price of admission, and discounts are available for new professionals, academics, students, and volunteers.  Still not convinced?  Alberta is the only province without a sales tax (for now), so a quick shopping trip could be considered a real investment.

Myth #3:  Albertans are rednecks - what could they possibly teach us about public service excellence? 

The reality:  #IPAC2014 offers the most engaging and innovative program ever seen at an IPAC National Conference.  Leading experts from across Canada and the world will join forces with Alberta-based pracademics to deliver over fifty unique sessions.  Rednecks are bound to be there, too.  But we're always more than happy to welcome our southern Alberta neighbours!  #rivalry #WeLoveCalgary   

To learn more about attending or volunteering at #IPAC2014, simply visit:

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