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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

From #PhDToGov: Navigating Alt-Ac Careers in the Public Service

The Edmonton Regional Group of the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC) is committed to developing a stronger “pracademic” culture in Canada, by building a network of practitioners and academics to discuss the most challenging issues facing the public service. We are also committed to building bridges across the traditional divide between the scholarly and public service communities.

As part of this commitment, we are introducing a new component to the IPAC Impact blog.  Entitled #PhDtoGov, this series highlights the unique and varied career paths of “pracademics” – those whose educational and work experiences span the divide between the ivory tower and government.  This format is based on the highly popular “From PhD to Life” blog found on the University Affairs website, only with a specific focus on public service careers.

In particular, we’re asking pracademics to answer questions like:

  • What did you hope for in terms of employment as you completed your PhD?
  • What was your first post-PhD job?
  • Why did you choose an alternative-academic (alt-ac) career path?
  • What do you do now?
  • What’s the most challenging part about a pracademic career?
  • What most surprises you about your job?
  • What advice or thoughts do you have for graduate students and post-doc students in transition now?

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student examining career options, a post-doc seeking a new career path, or an academic looking for a change in careers, stay tuned to this blog (and follow us on Twitter, @ipacimpact).

If you’ve got a career story to tell, let us know!  We’d be happy to post your interview here on the IPAC Impact blog.

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