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Friday, 12 February 2016

Café Pracademique Announcement

Introducing Café Pracademique: A Forum for Developing Concrete Solutions to Pressing Public Policy Challenges

Café Pracademique is the newest initiative of IPAC Edmonton. It aims to mobilize knowledge by uniting practitioners, academics and citizens to develop concrete solutions to pressing public policy challenges in four key areas: Public Sector Leadership, Environment & Sustainability, Digital Public Service and Indigenous Affairs. 

Between March and April 2016, the first four Café Pracademique events will take place in Edmonton. Various high profile public policy experts from academia and the public sector will attend and contribute to these sessions. The events in chronological order are: 

Building our Future: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders – March 7, 2016
- What new ways of learning, particularly in higher education, will Canadians need in order to thrive in an evolving society and labour market?

Green is the New Black: Mobilizing Eco-Citizens – March 22, 2016
- What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?

Advancing Inclusive Digital Services – April 12, 2016 
- How can emerging technologies be leveraged to benefit all e-citizens, including persons with disabilities?

Connecting our Futures : Building Reconciliation Today – April 28, 2016
- How are the experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada essential to building a successful shared future?

Why are these initiatives important?

Often there is a disconnect between academics, practitioners and citizens when addressing challenging public policy issues. This can be attributed to the different priorities and areas of expertise of these key stakeholders. Café Pracademique’s events are significant as they provide a knowledge-sharing platform for stakeholders to discuss these issues and enable them to devise cooperative solutions which take into account the viewpoints of all interested parties.  Furthermore, these events generate concrete outcomes (roadmaps, educational multimedia tools and options to consider), which will allow participants to bring the knowledge they acquire from these sessions back to their own agency or organization. These tools will also help participants implement practical solutions to challenges they face in their own organizations in the areas of Public Sector Leadership, Environment & Sustainability, Digital Public Service and Indigenous Affairs. 

What’s ahead for the Impact Blog?

To support the Café Pracademique events, the IPAC Impact blog will release several articles in the upcoming months. These posts will include interviews with the guest speakers to understand their unique perspectives and ideas; analyses of the outcomes of the events and how they can be applied to the public sector; and a look at the experiences of the participants themselves and what they have learned. Stay tuned.

For more information on Café Pracademique’s events and how to watch it live, visit the website:

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