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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Want to join the #IPAC2014 Twitter Army?

What is the #IPAC2014 Twitter Army?

The Twitter Army is a corps of volunteers and registered delegates dedicated to live-tweeting IPAC 2014.  Their collective objective is to connect conference delegates and external observers by reporting on developments at IPAC 2014, and igniting discussion through social media.

Twitter Army
Image: SC Magazine

What will the Live-Tweeters Do?

Live Tweeters will be present at all Thought Leader Cafes and ISD Sessions, communicating the details of the conversation to the Twittersphere.  Live-tweeters will also be present at all of the social events.  This will involve providing the highlights of the discussion, and connecting to online communities of interest through creative hashtagging. 

How can we participate in the Twitter Army?

While all of our volunteer slots are full, we’re more than happy to welcome conference delegates as part of our Twitter Army.  And you don't even have to be physically present at the conference to participate!  Simply use #IPAC2014 as your conference hashtag to take part in the discussions.  You can also subscribe to our #IPAC2014 Twitter Team list.  To join the list, please feel free to tweet: @CarleyHenniger.

How are we supposed to keep track of all of those tweets?

Our live-tweeters will be using the official conference hashtag: #IPAC2014.  Our Army Archivist will also be compiling top tweets in our Flipboard magazine and on Storify.  We will also be feeding the social media discussions into the formal program, with tweets being compiled for presentation as part of the Talk Show (June 3) and “Bringing it All Together” session (June 4).

Is the Army all about business?

We have some special fun planned for #IPAC2014, including a daily hashtag game (a la Jimmy Fallon).  Stay tuned for more details!

Do you have any tips for live-tweeting?

Our friend, Spydergrrl, is presently blogging about how to live-tweet a conference.  Check out her five-part weekly series (posted every Monday)!  For beginners, a “Getting Started” guide will be of interest, as will the official Twitter glossary.  Other novice resources include guides like this and this.  For intermediate and advanced Twitter users, there are plenty of tips and hacks guides.

What if we don’t use Twitter?

No problem!  If you’d like to learn, our Twitter Army volunteers would be happy to help you set up an account and learn how to tweet.  Simply visit our Social Media Kiosk (located in the Conversation Commons, Hall D, Shaw Conference Centre in the afternoons of June 2nd and 3rd).  And you can always follow all of the live-tweeting action at or on the website.

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